Monday, August 26, 2013

YOU can be a radio host- Artists promote YOUR work through radio to worldwide audience- Inexpensive/Easy

Bam Media Production Services.
We provide state of the art high quality audio production and distribution services. You need no technical ability to broadcast or record with us! All you need is a telephone, computer, tablet, or Smartphone to broadcast live or record. This is truly a turnkey solution, all you need to do is talk, and all other technical aspects are handled for you allowing you to focus on your radio program.
What makes us different from other popular services on the Internet? We provide personal service; each show is produced by a broadcast professional, a person- not a computer- who will produce your show end to end. Our High Quality audio also sounds better and more professional than the competitors.
Each show is produced in CD quality. In addition each show will broadcast live on computers, Macs, tablets, iPhones, iPads, Android, Blackberries, Smart TVs, Roku boxes. Your show will also air live at the same time every week, and is fully integrated with Facebook, Wordpress, and your personal websites. The show will also broadcast live on the Tunein Radio application which is available on every major smart device free. Your show will also broadcast live to any phone in the world, so people don't even have to have a Smartphone or computer to listen!
When your show is over you will receive an HD MP3 archive that will be available and hosted forever free. Each archive is also sent to all the major audio services including, iTunes, Iheartradio, Stitcher, Zune Radio and Tunein Radio. It can also be fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and your personal website to maximize distribution. In addition your show will be listed on YouTube and Speaker.
We can also provide a custom state of the art website for your radio show for a small additional charge.
Pricing starts at $125 per hour per month which is about $32 per week. Discounts available for booking multiple hours or multiple months.
We accept all kinds of shows, and I’ll never tell you what you can and can't say on the show. You can play whatever music you like and can even air your own commercials.
For more information contact
Evan Ginzburg
Rick Hendrickson
Email or iMessage
Call or text 9787305000

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