Sunday, July 17, 2011

Concert Review Swamp Dogg BAM R&B Festival Metro Tech Brooklyn 7/14/11

Concert Review
Swamp Dogg  BAM R&B Festival
Metro Tech Brooklyn 7/14/11

Jerry Williams, Jr., AKA Swamp Dogg, is a musical genius.
It’s too bad most of the world doesn’t know who he is.
The 69 year old R&B cult hero has the usual horror stories and more about record deals gone bad, labels that went under, and hits that didn’t happen. You wouldn’t know about his industry struggles on this day, though. His outgoing and even eccentric personality was evident from the very beginning as he announced he was ugly, short, and that we must be wondering how he could sing of being a “lover man.” Nonetheless he was resplendent in his green suit and the fun-loving, dynamic vocalist proved to be a great showman as well. Constantly up from his keyboards, he conducted the band, danced, and interacted with the large, enthusiastic crowd throughout the 90 minute show. 
In short, he held the noontime outdoor fans in the palm of his hands.
Mixing poignant ballads like Sam Stone about an addicted Vietnam Vet back home, with colorful up-tempo numbers like Total Destruction to Your Mind, as well as covers of various classics, Swamp Dogg turned this into a revival meeting of sorts. This was particularly the case during his twenty or so minute finale, I’ve Got to Get a Message to You in which he left the stage to sing among the fans who excitedly swarmed around him, took photos, videotaped, and hugged the tireless performer.
I wish he’d play NY more, because what Mr. Williams does is almost a lost art. This was only the second chance I’ve gotten to see him in spite of having many of his albums and CDs. And he’s recorded twenty or so; I also wish the world would finally discover them and the colorful Swamp Dogg.
A great show from a great artist, plain and simple.

--Evan Ginzburg

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8:30 PM Marc Raphael
9:00 PM Samuel R. Saffery (from New Zealand)
9:30 PM Curtis and the Dilettantes
10:00 PM Alex Montanez
10:30 PM  Stacee Mandeville Jazz vocalist

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9:30   Nikki Iliopoulo Jazz
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Friday, July 1, 2011

Bobbi Humphrey Concert Review

Concert Review
Bobbi Humphrey
BAM R&B Festival
Metro Tech, Brooklyn
June 30, 2011

Flute legend Bobbi Humphrey sure knows how to throw a party.
The warm, funny, gracious, and personable hostess made the outdoor noontime audience feel like they were in her backyard. Mixing reminiscences, shout-outs, plugs, and just plain great music, the hour and a half or so flew by.
But not before we were privileged to hear some virtuoso playing.
Ms. Humphrey makes her instrument “talk” as they used to say. It was almost hypnotic.
Bobbi even sang a few uptempo, crowd-pleasing numbers that got folk dancing. An African woman walked to the stage and threw down some cash in tribute to her.
Hey, deservedly so.
Bringing up New Orlean’s keyboard wizard Davell Crawford only added to the festivities, and my jaded 78 year old Mom who has seen everyone from Bird to Art Tatum to Billie Holliday on down, gave this gig her ringing endorsement.
“I loved it” she beamed.
What more can be said? Just a wonderful afternoon.

 --Evan Ginzburg
Evan Ginzburg celebrates 20 years of radio July 12 at Gizzi’s Café 16 W 8th St. NYC 7-11 PM with a No Cover concert featuring 6 of his favorite virtuoso acts- all genres of music- and a 10 PM jam session.

Bootsy Collins Concert Review NYC 6/26

Concert Review
Bootsy Collins
BB Kings Supper Club NYC
Sunday June 26

This one was like Heaven and Hell combined.
On the positive side, Bootsy and his merry band came to play and put on the funkiest two and a half hour show/party you’re ever going to see. Playing all their hits plus Sly and George and everything in-between, Bootsy even walked into the crowd to dance with and touch his adoring fans. And with Bernie Worell on keyboards, Blackbyrd McKnight on guitar, Frankie “Kash” Waddy on drums and Public Enemy’s Colonel Hardgroove on bass and vocals, you couldn’t ask for more. Hey, even Dr. Cornel West joined in.

In short, this was memorably great.
On the other hand, the club was painfully overcrowded. It felt like rush hour on the F Train. Sweltering hot and so packed that you couldn’t move, my calves “burned,” feet ached, back throbbed, and it basically became an endurance contest. Standing in one spot for almost four hours takes some of the fun out of things as you can imagine. And at $8 a beer, staying hydrated was an expensive proposition.
But, hey, it was for Bootsy who hasn’t toured in 13 years.
Opening act, Freekbot, tore the joint up on a smaller stage to the side of the main one, where everything was set and ready to roll for Bootzilla.  So you do have to question why there was a 45 or so minute break before Bootsy came out under such uncomfortable conditions.
All in all, file this under show of the year, but I sure felt it the next morning.
--Evan Ginzburg
Evan Ginzburg celebrates 20 years of radio July 12 at Gizzi’s Café 16 W 8th St. NYC 7-11 PM with a No Cover concert featuring 6 of his favorite virtuoso acts- all genres of music- and a 10 PM jam session.