Monday, December 27, 2010

Major concert prices reduced- a fan's reaction

I’m very pleased that major concerts will reportedly be reducing their prices. Not that I go to all that many of them, but the sheer greed is something that remains appalling.
You almost end up rooting against the success of these shows. For example, a parade of monotonous rappers and Pop mediocrities at a major radio station sponsored Jingle Bell Ball at Madison Square Garden was headlined by Katy Perry and went for $350 orchestra. And there were tons of Yuppie kids sitting right there in their finest designer clothes, as I watched it live and free on Fuse Network. One rapper actually had lyrics stating he “sang” better than Aretha Franklin. A reality check for this kid was probably in order. Anyway, this wasn’t a scene I’d want to support. Bruno Mars was good, though. Kid’s got potential and soul. But worth $350? Not in this lifetime.
Along these lines, I recently went through the ordeal of buying Prince tickets at Madison Square Garden for his upcoming 1/18/11 show.
At first there was an Internet pre-sale. That, of course, involved obscene ticket fees. On a $20 balcony seat you’d have paid about an $11 surcharge per ticket. Percentage wise that’s quite steep for somebody to stuff a couple of tickets in an envelope. As I needed 3 tix for 3 friends we were talking $33 in fees alone.
So my buddy goes down to MSG the next day to save some money and was told tickets still weren’t on sale at the box office.
We were therefore back to square one. With his other MSG shows selling out, and not desiring to travel out to NJ to see his Meadowlands gigs, I was taking a chance on getting shut out of  an event I really wanted to see. But it just burned me to pay those fees, particularly as said friend was standing right there at the box office and denied.
So I made a decision that Saturday morning. I’d be back In NYC that Monday and would take my chances.
Walking down to MSG I assumed the worst, but instead was met with a different scenario. The $20 seats were, in fact, sold out but the $49, $79, $99, and $179 tickets were still available.
$179 to see a concert. Ridiculous. And Maxwell was getting $250 for the very same seats there just a few months earlier. Now Maxwell’s great. But he’s not $250 great. No wonder several of his dates were cancelled and Prince had a quarter of his seats empty at the Meadowlands gig that was reviewed in the NY papers. I happen to love Prince, but greed ISN’T good.
I opted for the $49 ticket but it obviously wasn’t much, if at all, better than the $20 seats that were now gone.
The major concert goer just can’t win these days. One way or another you are going to pay through the nose.
Or sit in “the nosebleeds.”
But hey, it’s Prince.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Captain Beefheart and Teena Marie die

It kind of felt like a late night one-two punch.
I was on the Net and suddenly, out of nowhere, read that Teena Marie died and I just wanted it to be one of those damn Internet rumors. But clearly it wasn’t. CNN was as legit a source as it gets. So stunned, I thought back to the many times I saw her live and even met her and it just saddened me. Deeply. “So young” I thought. 54. Today that really is young. And she’s still relevant, still selling records, and was still performing. And now we’d never see her live again.
I surfed the Net reading about her and reactions from her peers and just by sheer accident discovered that Captain Beefheart passed on 12/17. He was like Zappa, only lesser known. But brilliant. And back in my more musically adventurous days when I’d sit with lights out and listen ever so closely to Sun Ra, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Cecil Taylor, Don Pullen, Muhal Richard Abrams, Oliver Lake, Lester Bowie’s various groups, and Ze Records’ cast of eccentrics, Beefheart was right in that brilliant, wild mix of mine. Imagine making your OWN music- not for radio, not for mass consumption, not for teenagers, but YOUR music.
RIP Captain Beefheart and Lady T. Tonight I go to bed with a heavy, heavy heart.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ray Manzarek of The Doors, ROH's Claudio, Lanny The Genius Poffo on Legends Radio

Legends Radio featuring Ray Manzarek of The Doors, ROH’s Claudio Castagnoli plus Lanny “The Genius” Poffo Co-Hosts this week.
Legends Radio, now in its fifth year, just gets bigger and bigger. Last week’s show featured an extensive interview with Ray Manzarek of The Doors talking about the legendary Doors, Jim Morrison, his musical influences, career highlights, Jim’s obscenity case, and much more. We also, as always, feature great indy music with blues great Robert Ross and concert promoter Sandra Rivera. And it wouldn’t be Legends Radio without wrestling content as we feature an interview with one of our favorites in ROH Tag-Team Champion Claudio Castagnoli.
This week’s show (7:30PM EST- 9:30PM) has a very special Co-Host in Lanny “The Genius” Poffo as Dr. Mike Lano takes a rare Wednesday off. Poet Jon Winell meets The Poet Laureate of Professional Wrestling; also on board rapper Lee and more guests TBA.
Recent shows have featured Pat Cooper, 30 Rock’s Judah Friedlander, Jenny McCarthy, Chelsea Lately’s Heather McDonald, Shelly Berman, Sherwood Schwartz, Red Peters, Tony Altas, Jerry Jarett, Zach Gowen and so many others. Check out all our archives at

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Evan Ginzburg, wrestling and horror stars in new indy drama

The Story About Ian is a dramatic short film about a man named Ian (played by 
Matthew Dunehoo) in his quarter-life crisis. We meet Ian when he has to face 
the fact that he hasn't achieved anything and his life is actually meaningless. 
He doesn't like his job working for an over the top photographer named Dean 
Roderick (played by real life photographer Barry Brown). He is suspicious that 
his girlfriend Mia (played by Zofia Nather) is cheating on him. In addition, 
Ian doesn't have a good relationship with his father, Steven (played by radio 
talk show host Evan Ginzburg of Legends Radio, Evan was also the Associate 
Producer on the Mickey Rourke film The Wrestler). It's a story about the escape 
from the restrictions in life.

The film is produced, edited, and directed by Filip K. Kasperaszek. 
Filip, also co wrote the screenplay with Ewen Glass. Solomon Chertok was the 
Associate Producer and Casting Director for the film. Solomon also co-directed 
and co-shot with Barry Brown the Dean Roderick commercial that appears in the 
film. The cinematographer for the film was Ita Zbroniec-Zajt. The film was 
shot on the RED camera. The film was shot on location in Manhattan and Queens. 
Lauren Francesca (famous for her Lady Gaga impersonation on the Barely 
Political website), Hector Bosa (host of the Staten Island Public Access show 
"The Home Invaders Variety Show"), Solomon Chertok, Joe Sevier, Patricio Witis, 
and Mauricio Bustamante have supporting roles in the film. In addition there is 
a number of guest appearances in the film, in the Dean Roderick commercial that 
appears in the film. These guest appearances include singer/songwriter Michele 
Mupo, former female wrestler Dawn Marie, Scream Queens Debbie D and Tina Krause, 
female wrestler and former bodybuilder Melissa Coates, and Gary Scudero (host of 
the Queens Public Access talk show "Talents Unlimited").

The trailer for the film is on this website: 17274186

Website for the film: 
www.storyaboutian. com

Photo Stills from the film are seen on this site:
http://fotoman. zenfolio. com/p968926405

To hear updates about the film and for the best in the Arts and pro wrestling 
listen to Evan Ginzburg’s Legends Radio at www.legendsradio. net.
Comic legend Pat Cooper, Sean Waltman and many more on this week's Legends Radio 
at www.legendsradio. net... previous show with 30 Rock's Judah Friedlander now 
posted. Recent guests include Jenny McCarthy, comic legend Shelly Berman, 
Chelsea Lately's Heather McDonald, pro wrestling legends like Tony Atlas, Jerry 
Jarrett & Zach Gowen, indie music acts deserving wider exposure and much more. 
Check out/click on ads to support show. This Wednesday 12/15 at 7:30 PM EST- 
ROH’s Claudio Castagnoli, blues great Robert Ross & TBA.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ginzburg's Gab: RIP James Moody

Ginzburg's Gab: RIP James Moody: "My parents were huge music buffs but were bigger concert goers than record buyers. One of the few records my Mom had besides the West Side S..."

RIP James Moody

My parents were huge music buffs but were bigger concert goers than record buyers. One of the few records my Mom had besides the West Side Story and Funny Girl soundtracks was Moody’s Mood For Love. I’m talking the 78. She’d play it to death and knew every word. And she’d sing along with it. It was actually quite joyful in a childhood that wasn’t always such. So as a little kid, to me James Moody was bigger than Ellington, Basie, Sarah, Ella, etc. because- hey- Mom actually bought the record!
So when I got older and started to go to live shows- first with my parents and later on my own (My Dad died when I was 20)- I saw that James Moody was making a return to live gigs under his own name after working in Vegas for quite a while. It was an actual NYC concert- not a club date. And it was packed and electric. THE RETURN OF JAMES MOODY the program proclaimed. It felt like an event and it was. From his powerful and poignant playing to his colorful singing, it was incredibly memorable. It’s among my top 10 greatest live jazz memories for sure.
That night he graciously signed everything in front of him and I still have that program. Later I’d see him perform live again and even had the honor of interviewing him on my radio show.
It’s been a few days now that he’s gone and I still haven’t had the heart to tell my Mom.
For I know what he and that song meant to her- and to me as well.
“James Moody would you come on hit me, you can blow now if you want to, we're through…”
Evan Ginzburg

Wednesday, December 1, 2010