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R.I.P. Scott Epstein by Evan Ginzburg


When wrestling agent, indy manager and Pastor Bobby Riedel Instant Messaged me this morning, “Did you hear the news?” I braced myself.

For anyone involved as long and heavily as myself in the often grim world of pro wrestling knew exactly what was coming next.

Picking up the phone, I guessed at which one of our heroes had left us too soon. For weren’t there 200 or so wrestlers who had died before the age of 50 from the “Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll” wrestling lifestyle?

Clutching the phone I immediately said, “Who died?” without even bothering with the obligatory “hello.”

“Scott Epstein,” he said.

“No!” I shrieked, leaning against the living room wall as my wife looked on in concern.

“Is it an Internet rumor?” I hoped against hope.

“Confirmed” Bobby said with the finality I dreaded.

“He just called me the other week,” I responded robotically. “He wanted to catch up and grab some dinner one night.” I felt an odd sense of guilt- almost like I was in confession with the wrestling Pastor. Sadly, we never did have that final meal together as my elderly mom has been in and out of the hospital.

Scott Epstein. Former teacher and Assistant Principal. Publicist. Promoter. Writer. Publisher. Photographer. Camp counselor. Vendor. Agent. Occasional indy wrestling manager. And whatever other gigs this ever-hustling, oh-so colorful “character” could squeeze in. And like the wrestlers themselves he was larger than life with that shaved head, huge moustache, and energy that kids half his age couldn’t touch.

I tried to wrap my head around the news. He’d survived heart surgery and Super Storm Sandy, and somehow a late night ride did THIS? The vehicle with the Macho Man plates? It had been an accident. Earlier today. His car hit a tree. Just like that. How many conventions and wrestling functions had I been in that vehicle travelling down those very same roads with him? How many diners and roadside dumps had we eaten in on the way home from generally meaningless Indy cards we loved to be around? We’d drive up and down those highways talking all the way, reliving both the magic and absurdity of whatever we’d just experienced in this often surreal world of pro wrestling.

And whether we made a few bucks or lost a few, he was already onto the next adventure. “I’m booked next weekend,” he’d say like a kid in a candy store.

On some of the gigs we’d share a room, and I’d wake from a deep sleep and Scott would be frantically typing on his laptop. Hey, he had something to promote. To plug. E-mails to answer. Bookings to lock in. The man was tireless.

He was an older guy in a young man’s game and few could touch him, running to cards around the country, booking his beloved talent, and never losing enthusiasm for his end of “the business.”

And how many legends and industry giants had I met through him over the years? How many times did I get butterflies in my stomach finally meeting a childhood hero like his close friend, SuperStar Graham. Then there was Tony Atlas. Putski. Jay Lethal who he had a special connection with. Various divas. And a good chunk of the TNA roster.

And they all had a deep love and respect for that seemingly rarest of creatures- the honest wrestling agent.

Scott Epstein. Dead. Horribly, suddenly, unbelievably, DEAD.

You know, in the agent business you get used to bounced checks, last minute cancellations, and standing your ground to get your talent paid. Hey, the promoter “had a slow night.” But Scott Epstein, I can proudly say is the ONLY man I ever gave a bunch of merchandise to on consignment. And like the “mensch” he was, he ultimately paid me for those “gimmicks.”

The outpouring of love on his birthday the other day, and now upon this most tragic of news, attests to a life well lived- and oh so colorfully at that.

Scott, we had some great nights, we had a few bad ones, and this sure feels like you’re just on another of your countless road trips. But know that I always loved and respected you. And we sure had a hell of a lot of fun along the way.

Rest in peace, my friend.

n  Evan Ginzburg

Associate Producer- Darren Aronfsky’s The Wrestler

Host- Legends TV-

Host- Legends Radio-




Monday, October 7, 2013



Rufus performing a show with Sly Stone was a great idea.
Only it didn’t work.
Not at all.
The 8PM show started at 9:15. Standing in place for an over an hour in a hot, crowded setting, watching an agitated pair nearly come to blows, various thoughts ran through my head. “If they can’t give you a seat for $45, can’t a world class venue at least turn the air conditioning up?”  And, “Can’t they afford an opening band?”  But most troubling was, “There must be a problem with Sly.”
And there was.
Coming out an hour plus into what had been a kick-ass old school R&B show with Rufus sounding ulta- tight, Sly looked  like E.T.  Sporting a huge blonde (apparent) wig, he spoke in a low, gravelly, virtually inaudible voice.  Rambling about race, he sprinkled the N-Word, but was pretty much beyond comprehension.  Tinkering with his keyboards, which just wouldn’t work, he was amused at first, but grew more frustrated and agitated as he wasn’t getting much sound on it. A sound guy, looking like a deer in headlights, kept coming out to try to help, as did Rufus’ keyboardist.
Sly had 3 audience members come out to sing as he couldn’t. “I can’t hit the high notes. I need tricks,” he said sadly. An Asian girl looked moved to tears to be up there with her idol, singing far better than he could at age 70.
I also felt almost moved to tears watching this pathetic spectacle.
Keyboards were replaced, nothing much happened, and Sly rambled some more with much of it inaudible. Growing more and more frustrated and angry, he finally after two failed attempts at his songs announced, “Let’s come back in 5 minutes after we fix this shit.”
Rufus kept playing in spite of it, finally called for that much needed tech break.  Seventy or so percent of the placed cleared out in spite of Sly announcing he’d be back, and nobody seemed to “fix that shit.”
Finally Rufus returned, jammed on a Sly hit, waiting for a Sly sighting. Only he was nowhere to be seen. They jammed, glancing backstage, jammed some more, glancing backstage, and finally in frustration said, “That’s all.” Yes, there was a Sly Stone classic being performed with Sly in the building but not on stage for a single moment of it.
The final tally was Sly on stage for two disastrous songs and a quick exit.
This fiasco was even sadder, because Rufus by themselves would have been a GREAT R&B show minus the delays, distractions and the disappointment of seeing Sly in this state. That a classy venue had tech difficulties of this magnitude made it even worse. And starting a show an hour fifteen late is unconscionable as well, with hundred of great NYC musicians who would have been honored to open for an icon and would have played for chump change.
I would tell you in a second to go see Rufus any day of the week. I actually felt sorry for them to have been victimized by this. The audience loved THEM. That the crowd walked out dejected, depressed and disappointed after a performance as great as theirs was truly unfair to them.
And as a lifelong Sly Stone fan, I walked out shaking my head, deeply saddened the entire endless train ride home. For his wasn’t a performance. It was an anti-drug public service announcement.
The fiasco we witnessed was truly, memorably, tragic.
Evan Ginzburg

Monday, September 2, 2013

Net TV and radio shows showcase baby boomer celebs, indy talent deserving wider exposure, and current stars

Net TV and radio shows showcase baby boomer celebs, indy talent deserving wider exposure, and current stars
Evan Ginzburg’s Legends TV and Radio and Steve Ludwig’s Classic Pop Culture provide worldwide forums for an eclectic array of guests

New York, NY- September 2, 2013  What do Evan Ginzburg, Associate Producer of the classic film, The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke, and author/educator Steve Ludwig have in common?
A love of pop culture, baby boomer celebrities, and a passion for the Arts.
Evan Ginzburg, a Forest Hills, New York resident,  is the host of the nearly decade long running Legends Radio ( heard Wednesday nights 7-9:20PM EST and archived 24/7. He has featured an amazing list of celebrity interviews including Ray Manzarek of The Doors. Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins, Roberta Flack, Judy Collins, Jimmy Webb,  Paul Reiser, Andrew Dice Clay, David Alan Grier (In Living Color), Paul Mooney, Marty Allen, Pat Cooper, 30 Rock’s Judah Friedlander, Jackie “The Jokeman” Martling, Shelly Berman, Norm McDonald (Saturday Night Live), Joe Franklin, Amy Shumer, Jenny McCarthy, Lucie Arnaz, Sherwood Schwartz (Creator Brady Bunch), Matty Simmons- (Producer Animal House and Caddyshack), Robert Vaughn, Marilyn Michaels, Wayne Brady, Jack LaLanne, Roddy Piper, Bruno Sammartino, and countless others including a wide range of indy talent deserving wider exposure from film makers to musicians of all genres.
Watch the promo for Legends Radio by clicking here:

Steve Ludwig of Fort Lee, New Jersey is regaling “old school” nostalgia loving baby boomers with his fascinating guests on his Classic Pop Culture radio show as well. Heard Tuesdays 6-7:30PM at the radio show’s distinguished guests include author S.E. Hinton (The Outsiders, Rumblefish), Question Mark (96 Tears), Ian Lloyd (Brother Louie), Bob Cowsill, Jerry Samuels (AKA Napoleon XIV), Spanky McFarlane and many others including noted  musical archivists.

Combining forces, Ginzburg and Ludwig started  Evan Ginzburg’s Legends TV, heard Saturdays 11AM est at and archived 24/7 both there and at In a Johnny Carsen meets Ed Sullivan style one hour format they feature talented guests who not only are interviewed but perform live. House band leader Edwin Vazquez performed on The Capeman soundtrack along with Paul Simon and Marc Anthony. They pride ourselves on presenting not only eclectic guests including singers, rappers, writers, dancers, filmmakers, comedians, magicians, models and more, but also providing some of the hottest musical jam sessions seen anywhere today, mashing up musical genres with electrifying results.
Watch the promo for Legends TV by clicking here:

For stars of the past, present and future, and incredible artists deserving wider exposure, there is no greater forum for worldwide exposure than Evan Ginzburg’s Legends TV and Radio and Steve Ludwig’s Classic Pop Culture shows.

Evan Ginzburg is a 20 plus year radio veteran formerly with 50,000 Watt WBAI-FM 99.5 NYC (Pacifica Radio). He is the Associate Producer and appears as himself in The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke. He is a Producer on the documentary Theresa Sareo-Alive Again ( featuring Gary Sinise and director of the upcoming music industry documentary, The Stage is an Altar. He is the author of the autobiographical short story collection, Apartment 4B, Like in Brooklyn on 60s and 70s East Flatbush.

Steve Ludwig is an author (See You in CCU), longtime NJ based educator, and co-host of Legends TV.

Dr. Mike Lano (Co-host Legends Radio) is a journalist and photographer since 1966 whose work has appeared in worldwide media including the U.S., Japan, Mexico and innumerable books.

For media requests, sponsorship and advertising opportunities, and booking opportunities contact:

Evan Ginzburg

Steve Ludwig

Dr. Mike Lano

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Legends TV Full Archives and Upcoming Shows

Evan Ginzburg's Legends TV Co-hosted by Steve Ludwig w Edwin Vazquez Musica house band

Evan Ginzburg is the Associate Producer of The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke, Producer of Theresa Sareo Alive Again featuring Gary Sinise, host of the long running Legends Radio( ) and author of Apartment 4B, Like in Brooklyn. Steve Ludwig is author of See You in CCU, an educator, and host of Steve Ludwig’s Classic Pop Culture at

Evan Ginzbug’s Legends Tv features the hottest music and jam sessions on the Net featuring the most eclectic guests and mix of the Arts anywhere. Seen live Saturdays at and archived 24/7 there and at  Check out our backlog of shows here:

Sponsored by ABC Movers and Shakers & A&S Comics
Watch our episodes by clicking the links below:
Episode  #7 
Funk Artist/Rapper E-Jam E-Global
Rapper A.N.S debuting his new video
Actress/Dancer/Choreographer Vanessa Calderon
Film Director Daniel Diosdado
Blues harmonica great Felix Cabrera with Edwin Vazquez Musica

Episode #5   
Rapper/actor AIG and Actress/model Margarita Vidal performing live set
From the Boxing and Wrestling World Darren Antola (Cut man/agent/wrestling promoter) and Al Roth (Boxer/Agent)
Sang Woo Kim on new Korean hit film The Terror Live 

Episode # 4  WWE pro wrestling legend Lanny Poffo
International musical star Oliver Sean   Edwin Vazquez Musica
Episode 3
Hip hop great Coole High and Edwin Vazquez Musica

Episode 2  Singer Val Kinzler, magician Amazing Louie, Poet Jon Winell, Model Fanta Sylla Edwin Vazquez Musica
Episode 1- Woman bodybuilding champion and pro wrestling great Melissa Coates, Comedian Neko White, Poet Jon Winell, Model Fanta Sylla Edwin Vazquez Musica  Behind the scenes with Lanny Poffo & Oliver Sean & Edwin Vazquez Musica

Upcoming Guests:
Sept 7   Singer Jasmine Clemente
              Carmen M. Colon Children’s book author
    Candi Hinton Author- Financial Literacy for Children
Sept 14  SoSoon hip hop artist
             Johnny Loftus percussionist
Sept 21  Daniel Novick singer/songwriter/guitarist & TBA
Sept 28  Kalen Lister singer/songwriter/keyboardist
             Tony DeMarco of A & S Comics
Oct 5      TBA
Oct 12    Roberto Vazquez  singer & TBA
Oct 19    Film Producer Solomon Chertok & TBA
Oct. 26   James Arena- Author First Ladies of Disco &TBA

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My Mentor- Fred Geobold by Evan Ginzburg

MY MENTOR By: Evan Ginzburg  

Fred Geobold was the richest man I’ve ever known.
And I don’t think he ever broke 25K.
The receptionist and switchboard operator at 50,000 Watt WBAI-FM, 99.5 in NYC, he was also an on-air radio host, folk singer, songwriter, concert MC, and championed untold numbers of musicians during his twenty plus year career.
A short fellow, with a beer belly, long beautiful red hair, and a big, bushy moustache to go with it, Fred Geobold was born Fred Kuhn in Shelbyville, Indiana in 1944. He was legally blind and there was more than one occasion where he’d hit the wrong button during an on-air Broadcast, and calmly proclaim, “We have dead air.”
He was ever so calm.
Fred was never happier than when he was on air or just sitting around cavernous WBAI talking politics with the other ancient radio folk who seemed to live at the studio. “Let’s make some radio,” he’d always say passionately before one of his thousands of broadcasts.
I met him through my involvement in the pro wrestling world. He grew up on The Bruiser, Crusher, and Verne Gagne in the Mid-West, and loved my primitive looking nostalgic grappling zine, Wrestling- Then & Now. Inviting me to do a five minute wrestling update segment on his Arts program, Light Show, which was heard 3-5AM Friday night/Saturday mornings, I readily agreed. Imagine thousands of folk listening to me? In 1991 it was a heady feeling for someone who had just started as an Adult Education teacher after leaving the elementary classroom. I was still trying to “find myself,” and I had suddenly become a very small part of a world famous, politically powerful station. We’d often pre-tape in studio because of the insane hour, and I’d occasionally do it live on air over the phone. But like clockwork it was heard each and every week, and it was always amazing to get reaction to it from those graveyard shift workers and late night revelers. I became hooked on radio and ultimately braved the question to him, “Can I do more?”
Fred, who was never anything but supportive to anyone he ever met, of course gave me the green light and basically carte blanche.
I soon incorporated the Arts into my segment and ultimately expanded to booking artists live on air, so I was now live in studio. Getting on that 2AM subway in Queens always felt eerie as it was nearly vacant going into Manhattan. At 2:45 I’d look at the sole human being in the car besides me and wonder, “Is he going to kill me?” Then I realized he was probably thinking the exact same thing.
Approaching the old WBAI studio at 505 Eight Avenue, there’d be the familiar crew of homeless right outside our door. Either amiably drunk or “sleeping one off,” they were never once a bother. Night manager Max Schmid, with his endless pony tail, would let me into the building and he’d escort me onto the ancient, creaky elevator reminiscent of something out of a silent movie. And you’d never know what to expect once you’d get out of it.
Staggering into the station bleary-eyed, I’d inevitably be jolted by an adrenaline rush caused by the alternate reality I had just been dropped into. For here was a waiting room full of musicians, performance artists, authors, and even larger-than-life professional wrestlers. 
It was like a Fellini movie. 
While most of the world slept, I was ever so grateful to be right here.
In the middle of this delightful chaos would be a bemused, smiling Fred Geobold. Carrying too many CDs for his hands to hold, he'd rush into the studio at 2:59 and change. Somehow he'd squeeze into every nook and cranny a multitude of instruments as well as the excited musicians who lugged them in. For many of them it would be their first time on the air.
"Let's make some radio," he'd say, contentment written on his face.
And for so many, many years we did just that. "You're listening to a Light Show," Fred would announce in that sweet voice so perfect for the airwaves.
He described radio as “making something out of nothing.” A blank canvas if you will. And I spent some of the best nights of my life with Fred Geobold at WBAI painting that canvas. Although an old “folkie,” he was open to absolutely anything. We had everyone from metal bands to rapper, Profecy, who worked only in Spanish. We didn’t know what the heck he was saying, but it sure sounded-and felt-wonderful.
Exhilarated after a broadcast, we'd unwind with our colorful guests and just talk. Of course, with the incredibly well-rounded Fred, you could discuss literally anything.
And with those conversations always came laughter
But it sure wasn’t funny when Fred came down with prostate and bone cancer in 2003. Yet he was so incredibly nonchalant about it, so fearlessly uncomplaining, that I just assumed he’d pull through. But suddenly his shock of hair was thinning and eventually almost gone. And there were weeks at a time that he was out sick as well, and I’d be at the helm of the show with two other co-hosts.
As our beloved Fred began to fail and lay in hospice care, I booked an on-air tribute to him. For two hours musician after musician sang, and our fellow radio hosts came in to express their love. Even station execs put aside their differences for a change and stood in unity in their love for Fred.
The show was burned onto a CD for me and I rushed out to the hospital to play it for him. A fellow DJ was already there gently strumming a guitar and shot me a look that clearly read, “It isn’t good.” And one glace at an incredibly frail, bed-ridden Fred and I realized just that without her needing to say a word. He had that very same “look” my own Dad did at the end.
I played the CD for him. In and out of consciousness, he listened to the glowing tributes and kept repeating, “That’s lovely…that’s lovely.”
It was like he was hearing his own memorial service. I excused myself. Sitting in the bathroom, I cried my eyes out.
I said what I feared would be my final goodbye as he weakly shook my hand. “You take care of yourself, Fred. Thank you for everything. Thank you...”
Drained, I walked out in a fog and called the station, encouraging them to get down there immediately. “He doesn’t have long,” I exclaimed with urgency in my voice.
He was gone the very next day.
So now there was one final “show” to do. I organized the entertainment portion of his memorial service. Calling all of his favorite musicians, not a single one said no.
The old, Greenwich Village church didn’t have an empty seat that night. There had to be at least 300 people packed in there.
For some odd reason, it occurred to me that I don’t think I ever saw Fred when he didn’t have a T-shirt on. I doubt he owned a decent pair of clothes because it just didn’t matter to him. He certainly didn’t have pricy jewelry or a car, and lived modestly alone in a tiny apartment after his roller derby queen girlfriend left. I’d venture a guess he probably didn’t have a lot saved, either.
But a thought suddenly dawned on me as I stood at that podium looking out at the throngs of people who had come here to honor their lost comrade.
Fred Geobold was truly the most successful man I’d ever met.
One by one the musicians sang not only their songs but Fred’s praises. All were so very grateful for the support he had given them.
I even had a massive 300 plus pound masked wrestler, The Mambo King, pay tribute while in full ring regalia. Hey, Fred was a warm, funny, sensitive guy, but he sure treasured his steel-cage matches.
He would have loved this.
In a weird way the memorial felt like another gig. It took the longest time for it to sink in that I’d never, ever see the guy again.
During Fred’s illness we had moved to a 2PM Wednesday time slot. Little did I know that our “reward” for all the time spent in the middle of the night would be the beginning of the end for me at WBAI. We suddenly heard murmurs that we weren’t raising enough funds. “Others” deserved a slot at this time. Relatives and friends of the execs wanted a piece of the pie. We went from every week to three times a month. And one day after 16 years on the show, I was called into “the office” and told my voice wasn’t as professional as my colleagues, that I didn’t engineer, that another on air host had spent more time attending station meetings and such and deserved the show “because she was a woman.”
But I knew it was really all about being in the middle of the dial, middle of the day. The slot had become prime real estate. For our “listener supported, non-commercial radio,” the power play felt disgracefully “Wall Street” to me. Ironically, and probably fittingly, that was right where the station had moved to. Fred would have been appalled at the apathy that my “firing” was met with there.
A mere couple of weeks later I started my own Net radio show, Legends Radio, and haven’t looked back since. And with the show and my club bookings, I’ve tried to champion artists that few others have.
Fred Geobold was more than my radio mentor He was also a dear friend. We'd go to clubs and listen to the music he loved so much, promote and host gigs together, and even hit the wrestling shows.
I loved Fred Geobold. And always will.
When I look back at my now fifty plus years on this planet, I realize that meeting him was one of the greatest blessings I’ve ever had.
I may never be the radio man Fred was with that soothing voice of his, but he sure taught me how to “make something out of nothing.”
Every time I’m on air, he’s still there with me somehow.
So as you used to say after each and every broadcast, Fred, “Stay tuned.”
Yes, stay tuned.

Evan Ginzburg is the Associate Producer of The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke, Producer of Theresa Sareo Alive Again with Gary Sinise and Lanny Poffo, Host of Legends Radio and Host of Legends TV. He is the author of Apartment 4B, Like in Brooklyn.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dennis Hof of HBO's Cathouse The Series, great indy music, How Wall St. Rips You off, and Bob Woodcock MAV TV owner all on Legends Radio Wed.

Wednesday August 28 Edition of Evan Ginzburg’s  Legends Radio co-hosted by Dr.  Mike Lano 7-9:20PM EST archived 24/7 at
Sponsored by ABC Movers and Shakers
An eclectic mix!
·         Dennis Hof  – HBO’s Cathouse The Series
·         Bob Woodcock MAV cable TV channel owner which  airs MMA, wrestling
·         Charles Wallert music producer and Singer Amanda Holley
The fantastically talented & beautiful Amanda Holley delivers a Soulful-Pop performance on her debut single on Scheherazade Recordings, “My World revolves Around You”.  A happy, upbeat dedication of Love, the song was written by multi-Grammy nominee, Jimmy George (“I’ll Always Love You”, “Just To See Her”, to name a few) & Lew Pardini.  The song was produced by Charles Wallert, known in industry circles as “The Singer’s Producer”, primarily due to his work with great vocalists such as George Benson, Dionne Warwick, OC Smith, Cuba Gooding & many more & arranged by Joseph Joubert, currently the musical director for the smash hit, “Motown the Musical”.   Mr. Wallert states this about Amanda:        
"Amanda Holley is not only one of the most gifted artists I have ever worked with, but one of the best vocalists I have ever heard!"    
·       Author Dale Ledbetter
How Wall Street Rips You Off - and what you can do to defend yourself is a "one-stop source" of information and defenses for many different groups and individual investors. The various sections of this book will walk readers through obstacles faced by the average investor in dealing with Wall Street. The authors explore the many ways in which Wall Street rips off investors and provide readers with the knowledge, tools and strategies that can be employed as defenses against becoming a Wall Street victim. Readers will learn of the many steps investors can take to defend themselves against the aggressive onslaught of Wall Street profiteers.
This book is not an attempt to sell a product or any investment ideas or concepts. It is offered as a shield for often defenseless investors. 
This book will help countless investors avoid being added to Wall Street’s list of innocent victims.
It is also hoped that the book will provide both entertainment and education for those who want to know more about money, investments and the tremendous impact they both have on the daily lives of most every human being.

·         E-Jam E-Global- Funk/Hip Hop Artist- ERIC"E-JAMEGLOBAL"MURRAY

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YOU can be a radio host- Artists promote YOUR work through radio to worldwide audience- Inexpensive/Easy

Bam Media Production Services.
We provide state of the art high quality audio production and distribution services. You need no technical ability to broadcast or record with us! All you need is a telephone, computer, tablet, or Smartphone to broadcast live or record. This is truly a turnkey solution, all you need to do is talk, and all other technical aspects are handled for you allowing you to focus on your radio program.
What makes us different from other popular services on the Internet? We provide personal service; each show is produced by a broadcast professional, a person- not a computer- who will produce your show end to end. Our High Quality audio also sounds better and more professional than the competitors.
Each show is produced in CD quality. In addition each show will broadcast live on computers, Macs, tablets, iPhones, iPads, Android, Blackberries, Smart TVs, Roku boxes. Your show will also air live at the same time every week, and is fully integrated with Facebook, Wordpress, and your personal websites. The show will also broadcast live on the Tunein Radio application which is available on every major smart device free. Your show will also broadcast live to any phone in the world, so people don't even have to have a Smartphone or computer to listen!
When your show is over you will receive an HD MP3 archive that will be available and hosted forever free. Each archive is also sent to all the major audio services including, iTunes, Iheartradio, Stitcher, Zune Radio and Tunein Radio. It can also be fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and your personal website to maximize distribution. In addition your show will be listed on YouTube and Speaker.
We can also provide a custom state of the art website for your radio show for a small additional charge.
Pricing starts at $125 per hour per month which is about $32 per week. Discounts available for booking multiple hours or multiple months.
We accept all kinds of shows, and I’ll never tell you what you can and can't say on the show. You can play whatever music you like and can even air your own commercials.
For more information contact
Evan Ginzburg
Rick Hendrickson
Email or iMessage
Call or text 9787305000

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Recent Legends Radio- Wink Martindale, Gary US Bonds, Joe Franklin, Don Frye, pro wrestling legends, more...

Legends Featured in this commercial: Ray Manzarek of The Doors, Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins, Judy Collins,  Roberta Flack, Paul Mooney, David Alan Grier, Jackie The Jokeman Martling,  Jenny McCarthy, Shelly Berman, Judah Friedlander of 30 Rock, Wayne Brady, Bruno Sammartino, SuperStar Graham, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Frank Shamrock

Advertise on Legends Radio: 

Now Archived at :

Click below to listen to our recent superstar filled shows! 
Wed. July 17 Edition of Evan Ginzburg's Legends Radio co-hosted by Dr. Mike Lano
Game show legend Wink Martindale
Pro Wrestling legend Rip Rogers
Roberto Vazquez singer
Johnny Gargano pro wrestler
Matthias Sturm musician
Wed July 10 Edition of Evan Ginzburg's Legends Radio co-hosted by Dr. Mike Lano
Gary U.S. Bonds Million Selling music legend
Ron Jeremy
Beatles photographer Harry Benson who has his 2nd Beatles photo book out with Taschen
Nostalgia Digest editor/publisher Steve Darnall
Cynthia Sepulveda-Caballero of Flaco Coquito drink
Music of Coole High and Gary US Bonds
Wednesday July 3 Evan Ginzburg's Legends Radio co-hosted by Dr. Mike Lano
Former WWE Star Matt Stryker
Re-airing of Jackie Fargo interview
Blues music documentarian Liam Holland
Author Dale Pierce
Female wrestler Miss Rachel aka Pandora's Box
Wed. June 26 Edition of Evan Ginzburg's Legends Radio Co-Hosted by Dr. Mike Lano
7:00 Joe Franklin All-time TV legend
7:30 Michael Essany
Michael Essany is a former E! Entertainment Television host and producer widely recognizable for his appearances on Oprah, The Tonight Show, Access Hollywood, Today, ET, and Inside Edition.
Michael is also a bestselling author, columnist, and blogger whose work and accomplishments have been featured in the pages of Time, People, Newsweek, Entertainment Weekly, Details, Maxim, and TV Guide.
8PM Antonella Mason Artist
8:30 Anne Serling- Author: As I Knew Him- My Dad, Rod Serling
9PM Rain Pryor-
Comedienne/actress daughter of Richard Pryor- star of show Fried Chicken and Latkes. She appeared in the ABC series Head of the Class in the role of Theola June 'T.J.' Jones and as Jackie, the lipstick lesbian drug addict on the Showtime series Rude Awakening and has guest starred on network television series such as The Division andChicago Hope. She has appeared numerous times on both The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, as well as The Late Late Showwith Craig Ferguson, and Tavis Smiley.

Wednesday June 19th Edition of Evan Ginzburg's Legends Radio co-hosted by Dr. Mike Lano
MMA legend Don Frye
Anthony Nese
Big Bill Anderson
Jason Gotti
Wed. June 12th Edition of Evan Ginzburg's Legends Radio co-hosted by Dr. Mike Lano
Hip Hop legend Mellow Man Ace
Journalist Irv Muchnick
Wrestler Brittany Brown
Lawyer/songwriter Daniel Novick
Musician Rob Traynor of Black Water Rising
Wed. June 5th Edition of Evan Ginzburg's Legends Radio co-hosted by Dr. Mike Lano at 7-9:20PM EST Archived 24/7
7:00 Tom Clavin- Joe Dimaggio/Marilyn Monroe Author
7:30 Karen Belcher- sportswriter and blogger on women's wrestling and more
8:00 Splashing Violet Band Violet on FACEBOOK
9:00 R&B/Blues legend Mighty Sam McClain

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Launch party for Evan Ginzburg’s Legends TV Saturday July 27

Launch party for Evan Ginzburg’s Legends TV Saturday July 27 at Red 58 in NYC featuring Lanny Poffo, Edwin Vazquez and Oliver Sean
New York, NY- July 9, 2013
It’s going to be a star-studded night with worldwide media, a red carpet, and great live performances. Open to the public, the launch party for Evan Ginzburg’s new variety/talk show, Evan Ginzburg’s Legends TV (co-hosted by Steve Ludwig) will take place July 27 from 6-10 pm at the beautiful Red 58 restaurant/bar ( in Manhattan. Located at 158 West 58th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue. such stars as Lanny “The Genius” Poffo, Edwin Vazquez, Oliver Sean and other surprise guests will be appearing.
About the performers:
Evan Ginzburg currently hosts both Legends Radio ( and Legends TV ( Evan Ginzburg is a 20+ year radio veteran formerly of 50,000 Watt WBAI-FM 99.5 NYC. Legends Radio is co-hosted by longtime journalist and photographer Dr. Mike Lano. Evan is the Associate Producer of Darren Aronofsky's "The Wrestler" starring Mickey Rourke, Marisa Tomei, Evan Rachel Wood. He is the Producer of "Theresa Sareo- Alive Again" featuring Gary Sinise (Forrest Gump) at (with box cover quotes by HBO, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama). Evan is also the Director of the upcoming music documentary, "The Stage is an Altar" and the author of "Apartment 4B, Like in Brooklyn". 
Lanny Poffo’s wrestling career in the WWF was highlighted by a victory over Hulk Hogan in a match seen by over 4 million viewers live on NBC and the subsequent appearances on “Live with Regis and Kathie Lee” and “The Jonathan Ross Show”
He wrestled as “Leaping” Lanny Poffo and “The Genius” As The Genius he would write and recite an original poem before the match.
He now tours the world as a motivational speaker. He’s written two books, both of which are available on his web-site.
Oliver Sean is coming from Europe. The singer/songwriter’s third studio album 'So Good' was released in 2011 and had several hits including an MTV Europe Music Awards Nomination in 2012, Vh1 Top 10 spot, No. 2 on an International chart listing, Grammy nomination consideration in 9 categories, and a Vh1 Specials feature. The singer’s recent music video for his 2012 single ‘All I Remember’ hit the Vh1 Hit List in January 2013. Oliver Sean’s new single and music video ‘(are we) Doing That’ is scheduled for worldwide release this August. 

Edwin Vazquez
Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Guitarist, Drawing Artist & Actor, has composed over 200 songs, and is internationally known, Some of his works: Edwin recorded at The Hit Factory for the PAUL SIMON “SONGS OF THE CAPE MAN” CD based on the life of Salvador Agron. He recorded on 2 tracks, “Adios Hermanos” and “Satin Summer Nights” in which worldwide superstar MARC ANTHONY did lead vocals. This CD featured legendary artists like RUBEN BLADES, DANNY RIVERA, EDNITA NAZARIO, etc. Edwin recorded his first self produced C.D. called Faith dedicated to the memory of his father Roberto Vazquez. This sublime sounding c.d. is an organic version of Latin progressions & rhythms fused with pop elements that include some of the very songs that Edwin performs. Songs like Bailarina, Warixe & Querida; these original songs musically express the Latin roots that stem from the influences of his Father Roberto Vazquez trio music along with the multitude of musical influences Edwin experienced growing up in Brooklyn, New York. Edwin's NEW EP was released last month during his performance at the Gibson Studio, musicians accompanying Edwin Vazquez are Alpha Halvorsen, James Grover and Peter Dunphy.

Attention all business owners, you can have YOUR LOGO shared internationally. We will have a "step and repeat" (a large banner for promo purposes) RED carpet and VIP interviews at this event. The interviews will be professionally recorded and the photographs will be published, and shared internationally, press and media will also be in attendance. If you are interested in promoting your business, this is a great opportunity to get your name recognized internationally. Above are the bios of the featured performers and host of this event, we will also have additional VIP guests attending. If you are interested, please contact us at or
It’s going to be quite the glamorous evening. Sponsored by Cynthia Sepulveda-Caballero’s Flaco Coquito, this event will feature great live performances, media interviews and great networking opportunities. Come on down to the event of the summer as we present the launch party for Evan Ginzburg’s Legends TV, Saturday July 27 at Red 58.