Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday thoughts...

Friday I threw a “holiday” party at a school I work at.
I’m white and Jewish. My wife is Korean and Christian.
My adult students (Pre-GED) are Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Atheist and everything in between. One’s from Tibet and many from China and there’s long-time friction between their homelands. Well, no problems at THIS party where they danced and sang TOGETHER.
The band I hired was a brilliant Puerto-Rican singer named Edwin Vazquez who is as great a talent as I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. He sang in English and Spanish. His is a musical stew that encompasses all kinds of sounds and influences, and he had an excellent rapper, A.I.G.,  sharing the stage on several cuts.
EVERYBODY loved it. EVERYBODY got along. EVERYBODY was happy. Particularly me, as I just got through a nightmarish three month cancer scare where I was misdiagnosed and dropped into medical HELL leading to a battery of tests and an unnecessary surgery.
If you have your health you have everything.
So, this party wasn’t about religious differences. It was about people appreciating friends and food and music. It was about “life.” And living it.
I tell my students it’s a shame that most wars throughout history are over religion. Because when all is done it’s “variations on a theme.” You visit your family. You bring gifts. You stuff your face with food. You pray to someone.
So why do people kill over this?
Anyway, before this gets too preachy, a happy, healthy  and prosperous holiday and new year to all…
Evan Ginzburg

Saturday, December 24, 2011

NYC Open mike winners to receive international airplay

Evan Ginzburg, Associate Producer of The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke and Host of Legends Radio announces weekly Tuesday Open Mike/Networking events at Gizzi’s in NYC
Open mike winners to receive international airplay

NEW YORK Dec, 24, 2011 —Often in life it’s not what you know, but who you know. And in the dog eat dog world of the entertainment industry, that’s frequently true. Thus, Evan Ginzburg, Associate Producer of The Wrestler and host of the long-running weekly Legends Radio is starting a new series on Tuesdays at beautiful Gizzi’s at 16 W 8th in NYC, combining both an open mike and networking event.
Beginning Tuesday December 27, and continuing each Tuesday in January through Jan, 17, we will provide a stage for musicians, singers, comedians, writers, and poets. Sign up is at 6:30 PM with the open mike  from 7 to 9PM. Participants can network in our beautiful venue, meeting folk involved in all aspects of the entertainment industry. Great food, drinks, desserts, will be available. At the end of each monthly cycle, one winner will receive airplay on Legends Radio, reaching five thousand plus listeners in over twenty countries. Guests who have appeared on Legends Radio include Jenny McCarthy, Ray Manzarek of The Doors, Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins, Judy Collins, Roberta Flack, Norm McDonald, David Alan Grier, Jackie Martling, Shelly Berman, Pat Cooper, Robert Vaughn, and countless other celebrities as well as talent deserving wider recognition.
Gizzi’s is a beautiful, laid back venue with no cover (ten dollar minimum at the tables for non-performers). Its intimate stage has showcased every possible type of entertainment and is a beloved spot for talent who return time and time again.
View clips from Gizzi’s unique mix of entertainment here:
So come on down this Tuesday. It’ll be your chance to have the rare opportunity to possibly get heard by an international audience. Bring your business cards and get ready to network with some great folk as well.

About Evan Ginzburg
Evan Ginzburg is a 20 plus year radio veteran formerly with 50,000 Watt WBAI-FM 99.5 NYC (Pacifica Radio). He currently hosts Legends Radio along with Dr. Mike Lano each Wednesday 7PM EST at He is the Associate Producer and appears as himself in The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke. He is a Producer on the upcoming documentary, Theresa Sareo-Alive Again ( He also is a Booker at Gizzi’s, securing talent 3-4 nights a week.

Media contact:
Evan Ginzburg
Host- Legends Radio

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Concert Review- Bunny Sigler and Instant Funk NYC 12/16

Concert Review- Bunny Sigler and Instant Funk
BB King’s Supper Club NYC
December 16, 2011

Bunny Sigler is the type of performer who owns a stage.
Looking sharp, Sigler oozes charisma, can still belt one out, and has no problem hamming it up for his adoring crowd.
The show opened with a relatively brief medley from disco-era greats Instant Funk who are tight as can be. They proceeded to back Sigler, who with the exception of a short rest while the band did their classic “I Got My Mind Made Up,” did ninety straight minutes of classic soul and everything in-between. Billed as “The Philly Soul Experience,” it was great hearing him do “Me and Mrs. Jones,” “For the Love of Money,” “Disco Inferno,” “Blue Suede Shoes,” “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now,” and other gems which he made his own.
Sigler could sing the phone book and it would be worth hearing. He even did a smooth Sinatra cover and an a cappella snippet of opera.
The only miscalculation on Bunny’s part was utilizing a music video of his new song with subtitles as his finale. It was meant to be a sing-a-long, but I was so distracted by the many misspellings (loose for lose, etc.) that it took away from it. But, hey, maybe that’s just the writer in me.
What was wonderful about the gig was that each and every audience member left that venue smiling. And it went far beyond nostalgia; it was a truly excellent show by a master showman who we all hope will return to the Big Apple shortly. Sigler warmed up a cold night with some great memories and musicianship and what can be better than that?

--Evan Ginzburg

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Anthony Hamilton at The Apple Store NYC 12/13/11

I went to see Anthony Hamilton yesterday at The Apple Store in NYC where he showed his new video, was interviewed in a Q&A headed by a writer from Essence (later taking questions from the audience), and then did a 3 song set with his live band which all were from his new CD.
I was impressed that it was also being recorded for later airing on the Net and there was a decent enough amount of promotion by RCA that I actually heard about the appearance, which isn’t always the case.
“Did you hear The Roots were here last week?” an employee asked me.
“Um, no.”
Thus goes it generally. Imagine that- a record company getting behind a quality artist who isn’t a kid making great, old school sounding music. Bravo to RCA for pushing Hamilton like this, who also did an earlier in-store at J&R the same day in NY.
In person Hamilton comes off as totally warm, sincere, passionate about what he does, and respectful of those who came before him, singing the praises of such diverse artists as Al Green, Earth, Wind and Fire, Jodeci and others whose names escape me.
Hamilton’s a great singer and live performer as well, and the three song set was the perfect tease that made we want to own the CD and see him live in a full show.
Which brings me to my only complaint. I had cash money ready to buy two CDs for Christmas presents. None were on sale there. They were hawking downloads. For someone with an old school audience, don’t the “suits” realize, some of us “oldheads” just don’t do the download thing? Money in hand and nobody to take it. Now THAT’S not good business.
Regardless, it was a lovely event with a warm feel to it. And the CD itself is great and maybe the “album of the year.” (If they still use that term?).
By the way, his song “The Point of It All,” from the previous CD remains one of my all-time favorite songs.
Anthony Hamilton, is an artist with class, integrity, dignity, taste, and sheer talent, all of which show in his work. That’s not a typical combination in 2011 going on 2012. I hope it sells a million copies. Or downloads if you will.

--Evan Ginzburg

Dylan Tribute/Raging Grannies at Gizzi's NYC this Friday!

Gizzi’s this Friday Dec.16- 16 W 8th St. NYC No Cover! Great food/drinks/desserts/ambiance/nice folk!
  • Huge Bob Dylan Tribute this Friday with master musicians Backwards Jupiter!
  • Raging Grannies (as seen on CNBC at Occupy Wall Street) this Friday
  • Eclectic young stars Jordan Cooper and Chad D return Friday

·         7PM The Raging Grannies featuring Pamela Drake- As seen on CNBC at Occupy Wall Street!!!

·         The NYC Metro Raging Grannies are the New York City "gaggle" of an international coalition of mature women who sing original political parodies in their ongoing quest for peace, justice, human rights and a green planet. The Raging Grannies started in British Columbia, Canada in 1987 and are now in Europe, the Middle East and Asia as well as all over North America.

·         8PM Jordan Cooper
 Jordan Cooper lives in Queens, NY and has been writing, recording and performing music for over 10 years. He has created over 1000 pieces of music, including over 200 songs, various instrumentals and film scores. He has been performing live for years as a solo musician and in several bands.

·         9PM Chad D
I'm an ambitious artist launching my music career. I make music. I write & compose. I perform my music live - on stage. I connect with you. I bring you to the front lines of your emotions with my rapping, singing and performance. I make eye contact with you. I am your friend and I believe in who you are. 

10PM Backwoods Jupiter, made up of Fred Gillen, Jr., Matt Turk, Steve Kirkman, Tadd Kroneck, Debbie Tuzman, Elliott Glick, Curtis Schmidt, Phil Dollard, Eric Puente, Scott Urgola, Paul Silverman and Julie CorbalisReleased to coincide with the 35th anniversary of the Billboard-chart topping album, Backwoods Jupiter Presents Bob Dylan's Desire re-captures that mid-70s feeling and celebrates the art and passion of one of the greatest American songwriters. See them in their Gizzi's debut this Friday!