Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dylan Tribute/Raging Grannies at Gizzi's NYC this Friday!

Gizzi’s this Friday Dec.16- 16 W 8th St. NYC No Cover! Great food/drinks/desserts/ambiance/nice folk!
  • Huge Bob Dylan Tribute this Friday with master musicians Backwards Jupiter!
  • Raging Grannies (as seen on CNBC at Occupy Wall Street) this Friday
  • Eclectic young stars Jordan Cooper and Chad D return Friday

·         7PM The Raging Grannies featuring Pamela Drake- As seen on CNBC at Occupy Wall Street!!!

·         The NYC Metro Raging Grannies are the New York City "gaggle" of an international coalition of mature women who sing original political parodies in their ongoing quest for peace, justice, human rights and a green planet. The Raging Grannies started in British Columbia, Canada in 1987 and are now in Europe, the Middle East and Asia as well as all over North America.

·         8PM Jordan Cooper
 Jordan Cooper lives in Queens, NY and has been writing, recording and performing music for over 10 years. He has created over 1000 pieces of music, including over 200 songs, various instrumentals and film scores. He has been performing live for years as a solo musician and in several bands.

·         9PM Chad D
I'm an ambitious artist launching my music career. I make music. I write & compose. I perform my music live - on stage. I connect with you. I bring you to the front lines of your emotions with my rapping, singing and performance. I make eye contact with you. I am your friend and I believe in who you are. 

10PM Backwoods Jupiter, made up of Fred Gillen, Jr., Matt Turk, Steve Kirkman, Tadd Kroneck, Debbie Tuzman, Elliott Glick, Curtis Schmidt, Phil Dollard, Eric Puente, Scott Urgola, Paul Silverman and Julie CorbalisReleased to coincide with the 35th anniversary of the Billboard-chart topping album, Backwoods Jupiter Presents Bob Dylan's Desire re-captures that mid-70s feeling and celebrates the art and passion of one of the greatest American songwriters. See them in their Gizzi's debut this Friday!

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