Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday thoughts...

Friday I threw a “holiday” party at a school I work at.
I’m white and Jewish. My wife is Korean and Christian.
My adult students (Pre-GED) are Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Atheist and everything in between. One’s from Tibet and many from China and there’s long-time friction between their homelands. Well, no problems at THIS party where they danced and sang TOGETHER.
The band I hired was a brilliant Puerto-Rican singer named Edwin Vazquez who is as great a talent as I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. He sang in English and Spanish. His is a musical stew that encompasses all kinds of sounds and influences, and he had an excellent rapper, A.I.G.,  sharing the stage on several cuts.
EVERYBODY loved it. EVERYBODY got along. EVERYBODY was happy. Particularly me, as I just got through a nightmarish three month cancer scare where I was misdiagnosed and dropped into medical HELL leading to a battery of tests and an unnecessary surgery.
If you have your health you have everything.
So, this party wasn’t about religious differences. It was about people appreciating friends and food and music. It was about “life.” And living it.
I tell my students it’s a shame that most wars throughout history are over religion. Because when all is done it’s “variations on a theme.” You visit your family. You bring gifts. You stuff your face with food. You pray to someone.
So why do people kill over this?
Anyway, before this gets too preachy, a happy, healthy  and prosperous holiday and new year to all…
Evan Ginzburg

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