Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dennis Hof of HBO's Cathouse The Series, great indy music, How Wall St. Rips You off, and Bob Woodcock MAV TV owner all on Legends Radio Wed.

Wednesday August 28 Edition of Evan Ginzburg’s  Legends Radio co-hosted by Dr.  Mike Lano 7-9:20PM EST archived 24/7 at www.legendsradio.net
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An eclectic mix!
·         Dennis Hof  – HBO’s Cathouse The Series
·         Bob Woodcock MAV cable TV channel owner which  airs MMA, wrestling
·         Charles Wallert music producer and Singer Amanda Holley
The fantastically talented & beautiful Amanda Holley delivers a Soulful-Pop performance on her debut single on Scheherazade Recordings, “My World revolves Around You”.  A happy, upbeat dedication of Love, the song was written by multi-Grammy nominee, Jimmy George (“I’ll Always Love You”, “Just To See Her”, to name a few) & Lew Pardini.  The song was produced by Charles Wallert, known in industry circles as “The Singer’s Producer”, primarily due to his work with great vocalists such as George Benson, Dionne Warwick, OC Smith, Cuba Gooding & many more & arranged by Joseph Joubert, currently the musical director for the smash hit, “Motown the Musical”.   Mr. Wallert states this about Amanda:        
"Amanda Holley is not only one of the most gifted artists I have ever worked with, but one of the best vocalists I have ever heard!"    
·       Author Dale Ledbetter
How Wall Street Rips You Off - and what you can do to defend yourself is a "one-stop source" of information and defenses for many different groups and individual investors. The various sections of this book will walk readers through obstacles faced by the average investor in dealing with Wall Street. The authors explore the many ways in which Wall Street rips off investors and provide readers with the knowledge, tools and strategies that can be employed as defenses against becoming a Wall Street victim. Readers will learn of the many steps investors can take to defend themselves against the aggressive onslaught of Wall Street profiteers.
This book is not an attempt to sell a product or any investment ideas or concepts. It is offered as a shield for often defenseless investors. 
This book will help countless investors avoid being added to Wall Street’s list of innocent victims.
It is also hoped that the book will provide both entertainment and education for those who want to know more about money, investments and the tremendous impact they both have on the daily lives of most every human being.

·         E-Jam E-Global- Funk/Hip Hop Artist- ERIC"E-JAMEGLOBAL"MURRAY

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