Friday, August 5, 2011

Upcoming Aug. shows at Gizzi's Cafe presented by Evan Ginzburg

Gizzi's Cafe 16 W 8th St. NYC- NEVER A COVER
Great food/alcohol/ambiance/desserts/coffee/nice folk!

Friday August 5
7:00 PM Susannah Conn
9PM Lace Lavon R&B
10PM Samuel R. Saffery From New Zealand

Monday August 8
7PM Marc Pressman(CD Release) Blues
8PM Sally featuring Jordan Cooper eclectic pop/rock/alternative
9PM Chad Douglas 

Tuesday August 9 James “SoSoon” Gantt Residency
Spoken word/R&B/jazz/hip hop meets music of all genres
7PM Stacee Mandeville blues/jazz
8PM SoSoon Residency
9PM Omni Blaize
There are few artists that display a chameleon-like versatility when it comes to music. OMNI Blaize displays such ability through playing various instruments (guitar, bass, keyboard) as well as his most powerful musical tool--his voice. With the combination of a church-singing background as well as frequenting various emcee competitions and showcases, he has emerged as an impressive fusion of soul music and hip hop.
Not only has his talents provided him with numerous showcase opportunities in New York (Best Buy, Sullivan Hall, Apollo Theatre), they have also taken him around the world and back. In February 2009, OMNI was part of a hip hop/R&B collective, Vice Verse Allstars, that was sent by Jazz at Lincoln Center to be musical ambassadors to countries in West Africa, including Cote d'Ivoire, Togo, and Mauritania where he collaborated with several local artists.
His original sound strives to carve out its own lane in music, creating a pangea of styles.

Friday August 12
7PM Billy Likitsakos Jazz
8PM Ron B and Mandola Joe
9PM Matthew Streppone
10PM Felix Cabrera and Robert Ross blues

Sunday August 14 Adam Schlacter Film Night BOOKED

Monday August 15
7PM Live classic concert footage on our giant screen
*Facebook/Roger Ortega
*MySpace/Roger Ortega
*Youtube Channel/RnBPoPWrytr

9PM Kiernan McMullan
Not really being from anywhere has it's benefits. There is a refreshing perspective that comes when there is no one place you call home.
Born in Hong Kong and having grown up between Ireland and Boston to an Irish father and Australian mother it really isn't surprising that he finds it hard to stay in one place for too long.
In 2008 Kiernan signed his first record deal with Warner Brother's sub label 111 records. The record was released in November 2008 during a time when the music industry's financial crisis was in full swing.
"All i needed was a plane ticket over. I had no van yet so I spent the first 3 months on greyhound buses and hitchhiking. Let's just say every day was it's own story"
With nothing but a hiking bag and his guitar he hitched and bussed the length of the east coast and parts of the midwest playing shows every other day.
Fast forward to now and you find Kiernan with a van and an impressive musical resume. Having shared stages with everyone from Sheryl Crow, Colbie Callait and Sublime to Meg and Dia, Lisa Hannigan and The Proclaimers to name just a few.
It would appear that this is only the beginning. With his full length record "Perfect People are Boring" and his more recent acoustic E.P. "The Best Part" both released to a very enthusiastic grassroots following, the anticipation is building to here his newest record "Two Years" recorded in Ireland this year.
"It's my best attempt to take ten songs and try to tell the story of the last two years from me. There have been some of the highest highs and lowest lows of my entire life within this 730 day adventure from November 2nd 2008 to November 2nd 2010."
It looks like this is just the prologue of a bigger story that is far from over.

Tuesday August 16 James “SoSoon” Gantt Residency
Spoken word/R&B/jazz/hip hop meets music of all genres

7PM Edwin Vazquez
8PM Karen LeVine
9PM SoSoon Residency

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