Thursday, August 4, 2011

Concert Review- Dr. John/Chuck Brown/Red Baarat

Concert Review-
Dr. John/Chuck Brown/Red Baarat
Celebrate Brooklyn Festival at Prospect Park
July 30, 2011

There’s few things I enjoy more in life than a Chuck Brown concert. The Godfather of Go-Go is the musical equivalent of a “happy pill.”
When you see Chuck you know just what you are going to get- a ton of great musicians having fun, flawlessly mixing multiple styles of music behind that driving, endless, go-go beat.
Plus he always does, “Moody’s Mood for Love,” one of my all-time favorites.
75 year old Chuck just had a street named after him in Washington, DC and he’s always had his cult following here in the Big Apple, so with several thousand strong at the park, it just felt like a party.
In the “death slot” as virtually nobody can follow Chuck, was Dr. John who fared surprisingly well as he was in New Orleans’ party mode. The thoroughly enjoyable set saw the good doctor even do a few steps to charm the appreciative crowd.
Openers Red Baarat mixed Bollywood faves and originals and they truly made a “joyful noise.” They should have been allotted more than the 30 minutes they were given as they’re true crowd pleasers and the many late-comers missed them entirely.
All in the all the evening was an eclectic mix of sounds that sent the large throng home happy.
What more can you ask?

--Evan Ginzburg

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