Friday, March 8, 2013

Legends Radio All Indy Music Special #3

Legends Radio All Indy Music Special #3- Listen here to 3 hours of GREAT indy Music...from folk to blues to Brazilian to rock to hip hop- we do it all! No other show mixes genres like we do!

Click here to listen:

Featuring the music of RAD- Recording Artists Development 
Fairweather by Noni Culotta
Porch Swing by Noni Culotta
lazybones by Elijah Bridges
Poor Wayfaring Stranger Traditional by Luanne Surace
Black Cat Blues (Memphis Minnie Song) by Luanne Surace
Motherless Child Traditional by Luanne Surace
Trouble For Me (Trouble So Hard) by Luanne Surace
Hello Girl by Luanne Surace and Phil Carroll
Operator Blues Traditional by Luanne Surace
Angels and Saints by Michael Aiello
Dream A Little Louder by Val Kinzler
Ballad of Edith Ohara by Michael Aiello
Money Can't Buy Me Love (Beatles cover) by Marialis Peralta
Meet Me In Harlem by Audra Isadora
Hard Times (Stephen Foster Song) by Marc Raphael

Also great Brazilian set by Philip Galinsky of New York Samba AND featuring great hip hop set including many of the stars of Evan's upcoming documentary The Stage is an Altar-
Coole High, SoSoon, Prem Rock
Plus Big Brooklyn Red, rapper DeadpoolMak90s, Alex Montanez and MUCH MORE!

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  1. evans da man sign deadpoolmak90s lets get this kanye money brother like hulkhogan would say!