Sunday, September 2, 2012

Facebook Frustrations...

At the end of a long summer, I've reached a few conclusions about my time spent on Facebook.

As I get so tired of battling idiot racists, xenophobes, gun nuts,  homophobes, religious nuts, pro-gun folk following massacre after massacre on Facebook pretty much each and every day, I have set two goals now that I've hit 5,000 friends in whether I continue to post with any regularity.

1) I would like to lose as many of these so-called friends as possible- those who fall into any of those categories and were offended by the above comment. Nothing better to do than shoot Bambi on a nice morning? Think yahoos should be at the border shooting undocumented? Think Gay people will burn in Hell.?Think I'll burn in Hell because I'm not born again?! PLEASE unfriend me. Just  unfriend me. You vote corporate raider Romney? That's fine. We agree to disagree. You want to shoot folk  trying to better their lives coming across the border- just get out of my life, willya?

2) I would like to see at least 1%. Not 10%. 1% of my so called friends actually support indy publishing by buying my book(s). Not click like. Dig into their pocket. This is something we put our heart and soul into.  For those of you wiping the sweat on your brow, it's only $5.95. You blow that on beer. Consider supporting it.
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Don't have $5.95? I tend to think most people are selectively poor, but instead go download an indy artist's music for 99 cents. You'll feel good and they'll feel great seeing their art is supported and even noticed. I can provide a huge list of great talented indy artists deserving your support of all musical genres. We're talking 99 cents.

Basically I spend way too much time on Facebook and end up aggravated a lot. I'm getting tired of fighting the good fight without any real support for what I do. I'm quite tempted to take a long hiatus or cut down dramatically on this. It's hard enough watching the sad spectacle of your favorite film star of all time shilling for Romney while talking to an empty chair featuring an invisible cursing President(!), but the pointless debates you have on Facebook just suck not only hours- but the energy right out of you. 19 out of 20 times nobody budges an inch. Just a waste of time.

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