Saturday, July 7, 2012

World renowned film and TV stars appear regularly on Legends Radio

World renowned film and TV stars appear regularly on Evan Ginzburg’s Legends Radio co-hosted by Dr. Mike Lano Wednesdays 7-9:20PM EST Archived 24/7   Visit our store.

Stars from MOVIES and TV have included:
Jenny McCarthy
Sherwood Schwartz (Creator Brady Bunch)
Matty Simmons- Producer Animal House and Caddyshack
Robert Vaughn
Marilyn Michaels
Rona Barrett
Larry Flynt
Wayne Brady
Jack LaLanne
Celebrity Chef Joey Altman (Food Network)
Galloping Gourmet Graham Kerr
Chauncey Hayden
Marta Kristen (Lost in Space)
Barry Blaustein
Wally “Famous” Amos
Noel (Lois Lane) Neill
Nicole Bass
Dr. Victoria Zdrok
Roddy Piper
Chris Jericho
Chuck McCann
Beverly Washburn
King of the B Films- Conrad Brooks
Tony Burton (Apollo Creed’s cornerman)
Karen Lynn Gorney (Saturday Night Fever)
Roy Frumkes (The Substitute franchise)
Ed “Kookie” Byrnes  77 Sunset Strip 
Magician Joshua Jay
Al Guthertz- Hollywood Reporter/Variety
Pulitzer nominated playwright/Obie Award winner Kristoffer Diaz
Johnny Fairplay (Survivor)
Linda Hogan (Hogan Knows Best)
And many more…

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