Sunday, May 8, 2011

Great music on PBS

PBS has some great musical programming on, particularly late nights on weekends. Besides the old R&B, R&R and Doo-Wop shows, they get some interesting acts that wouldn’t get that much airtime on the regular channels.
Recently caught Trombone Shorty on PBS and this kid wails. New Orleans meets James Brown. And a showman. Very impressed to the point I’d buy a ticket to see him and that’s high praise indeed.
Speaking of New Orleans, I love Allen Toussaint with all my heart. PBS had a full hour with him.
One of the few rock/pop bands I’m crazy about is Squeeze. Brilliant pop songs and great musicianship. Can hear Tempted by the Fruit of Another, Black Coffee in Bed, and Pulling Mussels from a Shell a zillion times. Full hour presented of a show from NYC.
Also in the rock vein I love The Swell Season. Intelligent, sensitive, soulful music for adults. Imagine that.
Chicago/Earth, Wind & Fire also floating around late nights. How can you go wrong?
Sharon Jones, too, had a great 30 minute set on the station.
Cab Calloway documentary also on and seemingly under-promoted. Fascinating and entertaining.
I’m sure many of you caught the Love Train Philly R&B show with O’Jays, Bunny Siegler (stole the show), MFSB, Jean Carne, Intruders, and many others. Just great.
On the other hand, I know he’s got the “genius” label stamped on him, but listening to Mos Def rap/sing was just grating to me. I know I probably should have paid more attention and focused on the lyrics instead of the singing, but growing up on Al Green and Marvin Gaye, vocally it just felt like nails on a blackboard. I ultimately changed the channel. Now THAT’s unusual for me considering how much I generally enjoy their shows.

Evan Ginzburg

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