Saturday, October 2, 2010

Chuck Brown Concert Review- BB Kings NYC 9/29

NYC 9/29/10

It almost doesn’t pay to review a Chuck Brown show.
The guy’s always going to play his heart out for as long as the club lets him. The musicians are going to be topnotch. The audience is going to walk out happy. And you get your money’s worth regardless of the price.
In short, he’s one of the few “sure things” left in the music biz.
And whether it’s Run Joe, Bustin’ Loose, It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That (Go-Go) Swing, Moody’s Mood For Love, or any of his classics, he’s going to leave you feeling like you’ve been to a party more so than a traditional concert. It really doesn’t matter if it’s jazz, rap, blues, or R&B that he’s doing at any given time- with the driving Go-Go beat it all sounds great.
As I looked out among the crowd, which ranged in age from folk in their twenties to their sixties (and maybe even seventies), I saw people of every possible race, creed and color having the time of their life. My student from China didn’t have a clue as to what he was singing due to the language barrier, yet she “loved it.” And then a very odd thought hit me. “Chuck Brown should head the United Nations.” Yeah, just crank out Go-Go all day and everyone WILL get along. He’d certainly do better than the ineffectual politicians.
Hey, nobody’s going to want to start a war, when the Go-Go’s on.
Openers Mambo Sauce out of D.C. were pretty much perfect for this crowd. Featuring up-tempo Go-Go numbers and fine showmanship, they warmed the crowd up just right.
With Chuck putting in two hours, it was a great evening; I still feel happy three days later from it. And what could be better than that?

-Evan Ginzburg

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